Monday, June 28, 2010

Twin Cities Pride After the Fact

Some follow up on the First Amendment flap surrounding Twin Cities Pride in Minnesota.

First, the federal district court refused to issue an injunction preventing anti-gay preacher Brian Johnson from entering the pride festival, citing Johnson's First Amendment rights. This is a decision that, as I said previously, I agree with - free speech is for everyone, not just people we like or agree with. If you want to regulate speech at your event, rent out a private venue, not a public park. Dale Carpenter comments on the case, with links to the district court's opinion, at Volokh.

And so Brian Johnson and his family went to Twin Cities Pride, brought free Bibles, got followed around by the media, and generally were ignored by most pride-goers. No one got crazy, no one got into a fight, there wasn't even a shouting match that I can find reference to. Just lots of gays and allies, enjoying the weekend. Which, really, is the way it should be.

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