Monday, June 28, 2010

In Other Gay News...

Lots of news from this big gay weekend.

- Iceland's Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir married her partner on Sunday, after the country's new law recognizing same-sex marriage came into affect. Which explains all of the volcanic eruptions and economic meltdowns. [Box Turtle Bulletin and The Advocate]

- Chile is also moving on laws to recognize same-sex civil unions. [Box Turtle Bulletin]

- The Second Circuit held that a police officer could not be held civilly liable for making an unconstitutional arrest when he was picked up by a guy cruising in a park. Because even though the loitering law the arrest was based on had been declared unconstitutional twenty years ago, it hadn't been taken off the books by the legislature, and it wasn't the responsibility of the cop to know that. It may, however, be the responsibility of the city to provide proper training to said cop so that he does not enforce unconstitutional statutes. And so the arrestees suit goes forward. [Leonard Link]

- Nancy Polikoff gives some tips as to how the HHS regulations on hospital visitation can be put into effect in a way that actually makes sense for gays and lesbians. [Bilerico]

- Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli goes originalist and lets a high school crowd know that gays "would never have been contemplated" by the framers of the 14th Amendment. [The Advocate]

- Esera Tuaolo, a former Minnesota Vikings player who came out in 2002, was arrested for domestic violence and disorderly conduct.

- Paul Waldman talks about the arguments against same-sex marriage - and why they end up being all about straight people. [The American Prospect via Feministing]

- And, as the Prop 8 trial nears its end, the lawyers get more write-ups. This time, it's David Bois' turn. [Salon via Towleroad]

- Soledad O'Brien tackles DADT. [Towleroad]

- Bilerico has a podcast full of gay issues, including Doe v. Reed, DADT, ENDA, and the politics of pride. Happy Monday! [Bilerico]

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