Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All About Elena

Following President Obama's nomination of Elena Kagan on Monday, there's a lot out there on the current Solicitor General's record (and lack thereof). Here are some of the better stories that address Kagan's record on LGBT issues, most notably DADT and same-sex marriage.

- Ann Althouse asks whether Kagan's Solicitor General questionnaire answer regarding the constitutionality of same-sex marriage is the same she would give as a SCOUTS justice.
- SCOUSBlog rounds up the stories of the day on Kagan, a number of which address her positions on DADT and same-sex marriage (namely, Nina Totenberg, Bob Egelko, Robert Clark, Jeffrey Toobin, and Emily Bazelon).
- Alex Pareene has a post at Salon arguing that Kagan will in fact not support same-sex marriage, given her record on the issue.
- Bilerico addresses Kagan's stance on the Solomon Amendment while she was Dean at Harvard.

And there are also myriad stories on Kagan's sexuality.

- Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic argues that it is "cowardly" for Kagan not to publicly reveal her orientation.
- Joe Conason disagrees, and argues that Kagan's sexuality is not, and should not be, an issue.
- Jack Shafer wishes there were a Supreme Court nominee that were openly gay.

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